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Firmware Update 2.01

FW 2.01 - Dynamic Minimum Durations

2.01 Changelog

  • Added in Dynamic Minimum Durations. This feature calculates minimum durations based on the distance traveled, rather than a fixed value. This allows shorter moves to run at a proportionally shorter duration. 
  • This feature also applies to Move to Start and Edit Keyframe moves, which will drastically speed up those moves when the distance traveled is less than the full slider length. 
  • Please note that this feature can introduce some pausing at keyframes if the move includes changes in direction on an axis at too low of a duration. In those cases, the duration will need to be adjusted upward. 
  • Added a feature called Fixed Linear Velocity (FLV). This is an ON/OFF setting within a Video Mode move that will ensure a consistent slide speed between all keyframes. 
  • Please note that multiple keyframes are designed to have an even linear spacing between keyframes. This feature corrects any small discrepancies during setup, it is not designed to work for moves with large differences in linear spacing. For more details see this article 
  • Fixed a few minor bugs