Featured Filmmaker: Archer

Timelapse photographer Archer tells us how he got started capturing the beautiful views all around Maui. 

Written by timelapse photographer Archer

I've lived on the island of Maui for over five years now and got the photography bug about three years ago while camping on Maui's East side called Hana.

Hana is a tropical dreamland filled with lush vegetation, massive waterfalls and some of the darkest night skies I have ever seen.

While laying in the grass looking up and the stars one night, I noticed I could see the Milky Way. My phone had no chance of capturing what I was seeing,  so I was determined to find out how and what I needed to do so. Sharing this sight with my family and friends back home in Michigan was my new goal.  

One day Lee Browning Ezell, a local Fine Art photographer, showed me a picture of the night sky over Haleakala, a dormant volcano on Maui that is over 10,000ft in elevation.  I asked him how he got a picture like that and he graciously guided me in choosing the equipment I would need to start my journey as a night photographer. 

Excited and inspired I haven't stopped since.  Using the on camera Time Lapse option one day I found my way of truly sharing what I was witnessing.  Not content with how my time lapses turned out, I researched how to do them properly.  That's when I came across the Rhino Camera Gear website. 

My first purchase was the Rhino Slider V1 Pro 4ft and eMotimo TB3 package. I was impressed with the packaging and service I received from both Rhino and eMotimo helping me get started on the right foot.



I have since purchased the Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42" with Rhino Motion and a set of 24" carbon fiber rails. I absolutely love all of them, using different sets for different adventures.



My favorite subject to shoot is still by far the night sky. Every chance I get after working the bar, I go home, grab some food and my gear and head out to set up time lapses and get photos to share. Sometimes I stay up all night just to get that next shot.  

My goal is to share a Earth's beauty with those who don't get to see it all for themselves. 



- Chris Archer, who goes by the name Archer, is a timelapse photographer based in Maui, HI. His work can be found on Instagram at @Archer357. - 

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