How Quiet is Rhino Arc?

Read our article on how quiet the Rhino Arc unit is in a realistic interview setting. We want you to know what to expect with our gear. No secrets or surprises. 


A lot of people have been asking us about the sound...

 A lot of people have been asking us about the sounds Rhino Arc makes or wondering how quiet it actually is. Here in this article we will be breaking down the specs about the Rhino Arc, what to expect when you take it out of the box, and showing you a full video on how it sounds during a realistic interview setting using different types of microphones. Hopefully this article answers any questions you may have about Rhino Arc.



Specs of Arc and what you may want to know.

 Rhino Arc uses an internal motor and rechargeable battery to pan your camera a full 360 degrees. A beautiful OLED screen lets you know the status of Arc and if it’s paired to motion. The platform supports camera setups as heavy as 10lbs and only weighs 1lb 1oz. Tracking a subject in an interview at any distance is easy with Arc. Create a looping shot in Rhino Motion to set up an autonomous B-camera for a single person crew. The quiet motor allows you to record audio without worrying about noise. But how quiet are we talking?


Put it to the Test


 Watch the video and see how quiet Rhino Arc is in a realistic interview setting.


Which mic is best for you?

  1. Rode VideoMic PRO 

  The first external mic used in the video is a Rode VideoMIC PRO. This is a shotgun microphone is in not generally used for interviews but we wanted to make sure we were able to test with any microphone setup you may have in your filming bag. If you would like to learn more about this shotgun microphone, please follow the link above.


  1. Rode Link Wireless Lav Kit

Next, we decided to test if you could hear the Arc unit while interviewing the interviewee hooked up to a wireless lav setup. This is usually an ideal setup for an interview and like the video showed, you should not be able to hear the Arc unit at all during the interview. If you would to learn more about the Rode Link Wireless Lav, please follow the link above.


  1. Rode NTG3 + Zoom H6N 


Lastly, we used the Rode NTG3 mic along with a Zoom H6N. This is the best case scenario for an interview and you will obtain the best audio quality with this boom microphone setup. With a boom setup for an interview, you should not be able to hear the Arc unit at all. The Arc unit is unnoticeable in sound with an audio setup seen in the video. If you would like to learn more about this boom setup, please follow the link above.



 There you have it! The full audio test for the Rhino Arc. What you saw and heard in the video is an accurate representation of what you should expect when you take your unit out of the box. It does have a slight static sound when idle and not moving. This is completely normal and your unit is not defective. If you feel like you have received a faulty unit or you are considering purchasing one and have any more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at We will be more than happy to help you out.


What to learn more?

Be sure to check out our slider bundle with Rhino Arc. With the bundle, you will be fully equipped to get that perfect interview footage or even an epic time lapse. Follow this link to find the slider best fit for your needs.