Bundle Includes:

Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42", Rhino Motion, 24" Carbon Rails, 42" Carrying Case

Motorized Studio Slider Bundle

The Motorized Studio Slider Bundle is for the professional film maker that needs to be prepared for any camera setup, on any shoot, at any location. The bundle comes with the 42" EVO PRO slider which holds up to 50lbs of camera gear and gives you over 3ft of beautiful sliding distance. It’s ideal for shots where you need a longer slide. So if you shoot car commercials, real estate, or shorts and features, this is the perfect setup. 

Using the included Rhino Motion, your limits are endless. Get ultra responsive real time slides using Turn Wheel to Slide or program a looping shot with Create a Move for an interview or an autonomous shot at a wedding. After your day is done, capture a star time lapse for some great b-roll. 

The bundle also includes 24" Carbon Rails which let you convert your 42" PRO into a 24" Carbon and gain an entirely new range of usability and travel.
The included Carrying Case lets you store the slider for protection and carry it around to every shoot.