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Episode 14

Angled Reveal Shot


For this weeks episode we wanted to show you guys how to pull of a simple angled reveal shot with Rhino Slider EVO and Rhino Motion. This can add a different perspective to your film and it's super easy to do. Many of you have been asking to do a tutorial on a vertical slide. While this is not possible yet with the current Rhino Motion, we still wanted to show you guys how to pull off an angled one. Check out the video and let us know what you guys think! 

Behind The Scenes

Thanks for watching the latest episode to our series “Move with Rhino”. We want to help other filmmakers gain inspiration or give them tips on different types of shots. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly uploads and updates. Now let’s go film.

Anthem Coffee Rhino Tacoma
Anthem Coffee Rhino Tacoma
Anthem Coffee Rhino Tacoma

Anthem Rhino Slider EVO setup
Anthem Rhino Slider EVO setup


If you want to know which gear we used to shoot this video and most of our films, we have provided the links below. Just remember, that aside from all the gear, the most important part of filming is the story. Good luck!

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We know that this may be your first visit to Rhino. Let us show you what were all about and how we can help you move your story.

Whats in our video bag?

We get a lot of questions asking us which gear we bring to our shoots. In this video, we break it all down and show each item we film with.

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