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Watch Rhino Slider EVO in action.

Turn Wheel to Slide

With Rhino Motion, you are able to use the wheel to slide in real time to make sure you have a consistent smooth slider shot for every shoot.

Tracking & Panning shots

With Rhino Arc, achieving smooth tracking or panning shots couldn't be easier. This feature is great for dynamic interview scenes or epic time-lapses.

Self Leveling All Terrain Legs

Rhino Slider EVO comes equipped with self leveling all terrain legs. The ergonomic design of the legs allow you to fully adjust the level on almost any surface. You don't ever have to worry about your slider not being leveled.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Rhino Slider EVO Carbon comes with high quality carbon fiber rails that are sleek and durable. This allows for a compact and lightweight load when moving from shoot to shoot.

Reliable and Modular

Rhino Slider EVO is modular, meaning you can build your own slider to fit your workflow. It is also reliable. With magnetic controller docking, you can really feel the quality.

Advanced Time-Lapse Tool

With Rhino Motion, you can take your time-lapses to the next level. Shooting time lapses could not be easier with Rhino Slider EVO. You can set everything from the number of shots you want, to the length of the clip in post.


You can mount Rhino Slider EVO onto any tripod or light stand you may have. With a wide range of mounting holes in the center and on each end, you don't have to worry about your slider not fitting.

All Day Battery Life

You can prepare to shoot for hours at a time with Rhino Motion and Arc on a full charge. Nothing is worse than your gear dying on you during a shoot. We know how it feels.

Switch and Save.

Making an investment in your gear is a big commitment. We realize that switching isn't easy after you build your kit out. That's why after you buy a Rhino Slider & Motion (or a bundle including both) we'll buy your old slider from you with a $500 Rhino discount code.

What are people saying about Rhino Slider EVO?

Rhino Slider EVO is being used by talented filmmakers all around the world. We are all about helping creatives, like yourself, move your story.

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Build your own Rhino Slider EVO.

We know that everyone has their own special needs and different preferences when it comes to filmmaking. We wanted to give you the opportunity to build your very own slider from the ground up.