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Build your filmmaking business with our free

Filmmaker Templates

Over the years we've refined several tools that help us organize our productions and minimize our liability. We want to share them with you to help bring your stories to life. Feel free to customize them to your specific needs as you wish.

5 FREE Templates including:

- Talent Release

- Call Sheet

- Shot List

- Location Release

- Casting Template

Talent Release

When you work with talent, especially for promotional shoots, it’s critical to have your talent sign a formal release. You want to ensure you will have rights to use the footage for your intended purpose. This is an easy formality to overlook but can come back to bite you if you don't have it. 

Shot List

Proper Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance. That’s at least what my dad used to say. I’m pretty sure it’s true because my day goes much smoother when I know what I’m trying to capture. 

Use this sheet to plan out all of the details of your shots including field of view, style, rigging, camera, lens, etc. Make your shoot day run smoother with good planning and pre-production.

CAll Sheet

Keep your crew and cast members on the same page during your shoot with our Call Sheet template. Use it to coordinate roles, call times and order your shot list. Trust us, if you have more than 2-3 people you're trying to coordinate, this is an absolute essential.

Location release

I didn’t even realize this was a requirement for certain locations until we started booking higher end venues. In the same way a model retains rights to their image, a property owner retains the rights to use their space and the content that comes from it. Make sure you cover yourself on this one especially if you’re paying to use a location. 

Casting Template

Talent is one of the most expensive and critical parts of crafting your story well. It takes time to find the right fit for the part. Use this sheet to organize your contacts and day rates.