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Rhino Arc
Create difficult pans with simple motorized control. Pairs seamlessly with Rhino Motion.
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Powerful camera movement
Rhino Arc gives you the power to direct your viewers focus by panning during your slider shot. Create stunning pans, sweeps, or reveals for a more engaging story.
Setup in 10 seconds
Workflow is everything. The faster you setup, the more time you have to tell your story. Setting up Arc is as simple as using the wheel to point your camera at each end of the slider.
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Better Interviews
Setup an autonomous b-camera shot that tracks your subject as it slides. Set your speed, turn on looping and start filming. Spend more time engaging your talent instead of managing your gear.
Setup an Interview in 2 minutes
Shoot amazing time-lapses
Setup stunning time-lapses in minutes. Reveal more of a landscape by sweeping across or focus on a feature with a tracking movement.

Rhino Motion & Arc trigger your camera only when the system is stationary to eliminate motion blur.
How to shoot a milky way time-lapse
All-day battery
You shouldn't have to worry about bringing extra batteries to power your slider. That's why we built in a rechargeable battery that will power Rhino Arc all day.
Ultra-Quiet Motor
Rhino Arc users an ultra quiet motor and driver to ensure your audio remains pristine as you film.
How quiet is Rhino Arc?
Compact & Lightweight
The best gear is the gear you bring with you. Rhino Slider and all of it's accessories fit inside its custom carrying case (optional) and are ready to shoot in minutes.
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Weight 1lb 2oz
Load Capacity 10lbs
Range of Motion 360 degrees
Battery Built in rechargeable. 4 hours.