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Rhino Motion
Rhino Motion
Ultra Silent & Easy to use Motion Control
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Hand-pushing is dead
For most productions, pushing a slider with your hand won't cut it anymore. Rhino Motion allows you to get perfectly smooth, ramped shots every time.
The best way to move
We created a super intuitive way to control the movement of your slider. We call it The Wheel. Simply turn it and your slider moves. The farther you turn it the faster it goes. It's that simple. And it's insanely smooth.
Ultra-Quiet Motor
Rhino Motion is powered by an ultra-quiet precision motor. The motor is controlled by advanced algorithms that dynamically manage power consumption to both reduce noise and improve battery life. This allowed us to create a motor that has enough torque to lift a 5lb camera at 20 degrees while still being silent to not ruin your audio track.
See how quiet it is
Time-Lapse in minutes
With Rhino Motion's simple UI, you're able to setup a Time-Lapse in less than 2 minutes. This allows you to spend more time composing your shot than messing with your gear.

A shutter release cable is included with your purchase. When connected to you camera, Rhino Motion will only trigger your shot when the system is in-between moves, completely eliminating motion blur.
How to shoot a Milky Way time-lapse
Built-in 8hr battery
Let's face it, swapping batteries during a shoot sucks. We didn't want to create another piece of gear you have to worry about so we built in a high capacity li-po battery that lasts all day and recharges in a few hours.
Compact & Lightweight
The Rhino System is designed to improve your workflow as a filmmaker. A big part of this is being small enough that you'll actually bring it with you on shoots.

Rhino Motion weighs barely over 1.5lbs (motor & controller). It attaches on the end of your slider in seconds and is so compact it can fit inside of the carrying case completely assembled.
Learn about the Rhino System
Magnetic Dock
Rhino Motion has powerful neodymium magnets built into the back wall that allow you to dock it to the motor. When you're done programming your shot or moving to a new location, simply snap the controller on and you're instantly hands-free.
Looping & Ramping
When shooting an interview, you often have two cameras rolling. Use the looping feature to automatically move your camera back and forth so you can focus on your "A Cam". Adjust your ramp to ease in and out from the ends of your slider for an extremely smooth looking shot.
How to shoot in interview
Weight 2lbs 3oz
Load Capacity 25lbs horizontally
Range of Motion 25lbs horizontal, 3lbs at 20 degrees
Battery Built in rechargeable. 7 hours.