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Rhino Time-Lapse (rtl)

Rhino Time-Lapse (rtl) is a Lightroom Classic plugin that is designed to let you process and create time-lapses faster than ever. Its has three main features:

  1. Automatically Creates Editing Keyframes (to account for WB shifts)
  2. Blends Keyframes and Deflickers Day to Night Time-Lapses
  3. Renders 4K 100 Mbps Time-Lapse videos (using FFMPEG)

Download Trial (limited to 200 images and 500px wide videos)

*To install in Lightroom go to File - Plug-in Manager - Add

*To use after installed go to File - Plug in Extras - Rhino Time-Lapse

Download FFMPEG for Mac (required to render time-lapses. The plugin will work without it if you only want to edit photos)

Download FFMPEG for PC

*FFMPEG is a free tool that RTL uses to render the time-lapse in Lightroom. All you have to do is install it and point to where you installed it from the plugin when you select "Export selected images as a Movie".