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RŌV Mobile
RŌV Mobile
Live. Share. Capture - the Moment.
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App Controlled
RŌV Mobile is fully motorized and seamlessly pairs with your phone to control its movement. At the touch of a button RŌV moves and records simultaneously.
Take RŌV anywhere
Using a high-strength aluminum extrusion as its backbone, RŌV Mobile is lightweight and extremely portable. It looks damn good too. A built-in high capacity battery will keep your adventure powered for up to 24 hours of motion.
Be in the moment
Unlike a gimbal, you can setup RŌV Mobile and capture dynamic sliding movement with you in the shot.
Mount RŌV Mobile anywhere using the all-terrain legs, on a flat surface, or on a tripod. We challenge you to find a place you can’t set it up.
Time in Motion
Turn everyday scenes into breathtaking memories with ultra simple time-lapses. Night Lapse Mode allows you to shoot time-lapses in pitch dark or to capture light trails in a city.
Live. Capture. Share.
Save your cinematic clips straight to your phone and share it with the ones that matter most to you.
Take Full Control
Unlock the power of your iPhone with full manual control of its camera. Use the digital loupe to make sure your focus is perfect.