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Product Support

Sliders & Slider Accessories

Rhino Slider EVO

EVO Slider Intro and Specs

Load Capacity and Slider Weight

Swapping between rails

Adjust or swap the slider belt

Adjusting all terrain legs

EVO's belt-driven system

Maintenance of your Slider

Which tripod should I get?

Which tripod head should I get?

Mounting your slider

Mounting a fluid or ball head

Modular or Extending rails


Traveling with the slider

Which hard case should I get?

Calibration Issues

Carriage Brake

Slider Accessories

EVO Slider Carrying Case

Movement Control

Rhino Flywheel

Storage and Traveling with your Flywheel

What is Rhino Flywheel

Rhino Motion

What is Rhino Motion

Rhino Motion Specs

First time Setup

Charging Rhino Motion

Shutter Release Cable

Live Motion

Simple Time Lapse

Advanced Time Lapse

Updating Motion's Firmware


Camera Compatibility

Is 3-axis possible with Rhino Motion?

Vertical Slides

Versions of Motion

Rhino Arc

What is Rhino Arc

Arc product specs

First time setup


Extending Arc battery life

Key frames or In & Out points

Mounting Arc Vertically


Grinding and won't rotate

Using Arc without a slider

How quiet is Rhino Arc

Legacy Products

Rhino Slider V1

Difference between V1 & EVO Sliders & Upgrade Options

First time setup

Vertical mounting

How to mount on a tripod

Adjusting roller tension

Change 1/4-20" to 3/8"

Rhino Rig

Adjust Shoulder Rest Positioning

First time setup

Rhino GoPro Accessories

Where are the GoPro Swivel Mounts and Steady?

Rhino Steady


First time setup



Extended Electronics Warranty

Importing & Customs

Order Processing

Price Matching

Repair Requests


Switch & Save Promotion

Warranty Guarantee