Firmware Update 1.07

Firmware Update 1.07

System Stability + Updated FEatureS

1.07.00 for Rhino Arc II is primarily a system stability update. It addresses battery charging issues and improves perceptable jitter in footage. 

What's new?

This update focuses more on internal fixes and stability rather than customer facing features. We brought on a brand new engineering team this summer. They're crushing it and have been getting up to speed restructuring things in a way that will allow for faster and more reliable development in 2021. We know a lot of you are waiting for us to release an update that includes multiple keyframes. This update lays a solid foundation for us to build and release that feature in 2021.

Battery Charging

When charging Rhino Arc II using prior versions of firmware, it is possible that your charge can "time-out" before your unit reaches full charge. 1.07.00 fixes this so that your unit will reach full charge within 10 hours. 


- Your battery indicator may not show a full charge even when the batteries are done charging. We are working on this in December and will have an update out in January to address this. 

 - After updating your indicator may show low battery or power off. To fix this, charge for an hour and it will reset the charging system. 

- You can damage your batteries if you leave it plugged in for extended (12+) periods of time. Please don't leave your unit on or plugged in for more than 12 hours. 

Jitter improvement

After reviewing some of the videos posted on our Storyteller's Facebook group, we saw noticable jitter in some of your footage. We were able to improve this by changing how we drive our motors in firwmare. We updated the sine wave and current profile that drives the motor ICs and saw a significant improvement in footage. Try out the new firmware and let us know what you think. 


This firmware update for Arc II adds a lot of stability to the overall system. 

Architecture stability -
- Modularized code base to standardize certain processes. 
- Better handling of error messages and initialization which results in fewer system failures.

Motor and Movement improvement - 
 - Redesigned the layers, modularized and standardized motor movement. This allows us to implement new features including additional keyframes. 
- Optimized move duration which results in more accurate duration. 
- Made some adjustments to motor current, which improves jittery footage.

Battery and charging improvements -
- When powered off, batteries will charge to full in 10 hours. The battery indicator may not reflect this (will be resolved in a future update), but it will be fully charged. To reach a full charge, Arc II does need to be powered off. 
- Leaving Arc II on the charger for over 12 hours will damage the batteries, we do not recommend leaving Arc II on the charger for extended periods of time. 

Simple Time Lapse -
 -Fixed a bug where simple time lapse did not allow long duration moves.