Firmware Update 1.08

Firmware Update 1.08

FW 1.08 - Battery Indication + Sleep mode

1.08.00 Changelog

Battery Indication

- Battery level now correctly reports charge level of the batteries
- Fixed a bug upon updating firmware where the unit would report low battery, requiring a charge cycle to reset reporting
- Battery Indicator (both when powered on and off) will now stop blinking when the unit reaches full charge. 

Sleep Mode
- Screen will now time out after one minute of no user input. This improves battery performance
- To wake the screen, the Top Joystick needs to be moved (Power Button or clicking in the Top Joystick will not wake up the screen)
- When charging, the screen will turn off after one minute. To check charge level, press the Power Button once to wake the screen. Hold for 3 seconds to power on as usual.

Other Fixes
- Fixed some rare random crashes when entering menus