$75 D I Y C A M E R A S L I D E R

$75 D I Y   C A M E R A   S L I D E R

H O W   T O   M A K E   Y O U R   O W N   S L I D E R

F O R  $ 7 5

 I get questions all the time from amateur film makers asking how to get slider-like shots on the cheap. Often, they’re saving for a Rhino Slider, but they want something cheap to get them by.

Depending on the situation, we’ve suggested everything from skateboards to $10DIY options online, but as a product designer I wanted to offer a more elegant solution.

This is my attempt to offer an easy to build, affordable, and relatively smooth camera slider. You won’t need to drill or tap any holes or buy any expensive tools.

We put together a very thorough PDF guide to walk you through how to build it in more detail than the video. We're making this PDF guide exclusive to our email list, so if you'd like to get the PDF, please sign up below and you'll automatically receive a download link in your welcome email.