Arc II Firmware Update Plan

Arc II Firmware Update Plan

Hey Rhino Family, since we started shipping we've been hearing a lot from you about feature requests and bug reports. With any new product we try our best to thoroughly test it before it goes out to our customers. However, once we get hundreds of units in regular use, new bugs always pop up. 

November Update

Our current focus is to stabilize the firmware and fix the bugs we're hearing about and can track down/reproduce. An update will be ready for testing by the end of this week and will require at least a week of testing before we release it. It includes a new feature called Fast Focus that changes your focus 2x faster during a move so the subject you're racking to is in focus for the second half of the move (instead of just at the end). We'll have a tutorial on it in the next week or so. 

Issues fixed:

  • Axis not working when editing keyframes
  • Tilt keyframes not saving
  • Moving to start issues
  • General stability improvements

December Update

Our focus for December is to implement a Tracking Mode which will allow you to keep objects centered in the frame. There will be a distance setting so that you can shoot everything from macro to interview shots with it. This feature should be ready by the end of the year barring any major setbacks. 

Late Q1 Update

This is the major update that a lot of you are requesting. It's going to take some time as our main priority is bug fixes right now and every update requires as much testing time as coding time.

This update will give you the following features:

  • 3pt Moves (allows you more creative shots and to keep objects in focus better)
  • Dynamic Minimum Duration (allows you to do less than 20s moves with the High Torque motor if you're not using the full slider length)
  • User adjustable Move Smoothing (dampening/ease in-out)
  • Better move syncing

After we release this update, we'll work on releasing 5pt moves. 

Our Team

During our Kickstarter campaign we ran into some hardware issues that pushed back our firmware development. We're a very small team and can only do so much with the time we have. I know it's hard waiting for some of these features but I hope you'll stick with us as we mature Arc II and make it an even better product. 

Kyle & Rhino Team