Cleaning Your Rhino Slider Kit

Cleaning Your Rhino Slider Kit

Sometimes sand can be a real beach to your gear. In this week's Tech Tip, we'll go over how to keep your Rhino Slider Kit clean, smooth, and prepped for your next shoot. In less than 10 minutes, your slider will be as pristine as your initial unboxing.

Here are the steps:

  1.  If locked, release the carriage brake
  2.  If the High Speed/Torque Motor is mounted, remove it—this will make removing the belt easier
  3.  Release and remove the belt
  4.  Remove an end plate and slide the carriage off—set them aside for now
  5.  Use WD-40 to clean the rails—be sure to apply to a cloth/paper towel, not directly on the unit
  6.  Clean the carriage wheels by spinning them against your cleaning cloth
  7.  Return the carriage and endplate—note that the carriage orientation is correct to properly feed the belt
  8.  Re-thread the belt
  9.  Pull the belt snug and feed belt into the belt clamp—use the bolts to tension and secure the belt; you want the belt tensioned but not to the point the pulleys are making an audible sound when the carriage is sliding
  10.  Lock the carriage brake for storing

Perhaps you've cleaned your kit and it's not quite feeling up to snuff. Congratulations, this means you've gotten a lot of use out of your slider and it may be time for a replacement part or two. We've got you covered and make it easy to replace any individual part in your kit. Check out the parts below.

Rhino Replacement Parts

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