Fire Horse Forge Cinematic Story

Fire Horse Forge Cinematic Story

Fire Horse Forge

Ballard, WA

Our team here at Rhino had the opportunity to capture the story of a very talented blacksmith, David Tuthill, who runs a forging business in a local town. This is his story.

How it all started.

Davids love for tools and metal started at a young age. He often enjoyed playing with swords and armor as a child. In his early 20's, David attended the Santa Barbra City College as a student in the sculpture program. In this program, he remembers taking a bronze casting class. It was in this class that he discovered his first forging experience. In the stone yard, he met a gentleman who had built a coal forge and worked with some basic hand tools. When he saw the sparkling hot burning tool come out of the forge, he immediately fell in love. The feeling he got was like no other he says. Ever since that experience, he has decided to revolve his life around making tools and teaching others.

"I love to cook, so the idea of making a nice kitchen knife has always been appealing to me.

- David Tuthill

High-quality cutlery.

"I love to cook, so the idea of making a nice kitchen knife has always been appealing to me." For David, the tools he creates are more than just for function. His handcrafted tools carry meaning and a story. He explains that some people might not mind using a cheaper knife that they found at the thrift store to get the job done. More specifically, David talks about his passion for making kitchen knives. As a blacksmith, he creates a lot of tools. However, a kitchen knife is a tool that he can use outside of the shop in his everyday life. For that reason, David has grown to love making custom kitchen knives not only for himself but also his customers.

Teaching and inspiring others.

David has been teaching others about this specialized craft for over a decade now. Over the past 15 years, he has improved his craft and remained focus on producing high-quality tools. Due to his challenges and struggles through the years, he is able to offer his students valuable knowledge and skills that he wishes he had growing up as a blacksmith. He believes that there are many people that want to learn the art of blacksmithing but do not have the necessary resources or facility. So he finds joy in helping others explore new things that they may not have been able to find anywhere else. 

Each and every week, David is raising the bar for himself and he is constantly trying to become better at what he does. He is always pushing his limits and going the extra mile to get the job done, whether that be for himself or his students. He believes that

"If you are truly a craftsman, you're going to continually be challenging yourself."

Thank you for following along on our journey as we share stories around the world. One of our main goals here at Rhino is to tell stories. By creating motorized sliders, we are able to help others move their stories as well. Our Rhino Slider system was used to film 90% of this video.

Behind The Scenes

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