High Speed Motor - Update

High Speed Motor - Update

Hey Rhino family, I wanted to let you know about some issues we're having with our new High Speed Motors.

The new design has two pulleys and a belt that go from the motor to the drive shaft of the slider. In prototyping, all of our motors were pretty silent like our original EVO motors. However, in production some of the High Speed motors are much noisier. We perform thorough QC checks during production but it seems that the noise sometimes gets worse over time from talking with our customers. 

We've been working on a couple different solutions over the last month. We think we have a good direction that will fix the issue but we still have more work to do to test it. 

Until this fix goes into production, we're asking you to be patient with us and try to tolerate any abnormal noises coming from your motor. I know, that's not great when you're trying to record audio, but that's the best we can do right now. We should move this fix into production within the next week or two so stay with us. We'll get this figured out. Until then, thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Kyle & Rhino Team