3 Point Lighting with Spekular | MWR

3 Point Lighting with Spekular | MWR


3 Point Lighting with SPEKULAR


By no means are we pros when it comes to lighting, but we wanted to share with you what we've learned when it comes to lighting an interview. Lighting any shoot can be challenging, and you want to make sure your subject is well lit and the lighting on their face is evenly spread. We tend to stick to 3 point lighting because it is simple and effective. In the beginning, we used cheap Amazon lights that would break often. Then, we opted for some better quality lights but they were a bit bulky and not compact. However, our good friends at Spiffy Gear created these new lights and wanted us to test them out. Here are our thoughts on them.

SPEKULAR by Spiffy Gear

Who doesn't like products that you can customize? Spiffy heard the needs of photographers and videographers about lighting. They needed to make something that was easy to use, affordable, and versatile. Well, they crushed it. We love the Spekular lights for a wide range of reasons but mainly because of its ability to be configured. You can configure the lights to fit any of your needs. In this case, we used it to light an interview with 3 of the light bars. 

Due to its small form factor, its also able to fit nicely in a small case that is hassle-free. Nothing is worse than having to lug around huge cases just to light your set. While these may not be the most beefy professional lights, they get the job done - which we would much rather have than no lights at all.

Another great feature about these lights are that they are able to be daisy chained and powered from one source. This makes it convenient when dimming the lights because you don't have to dim them all separately.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a great set of affordable lights that are easy to pack and easy to use, Speckular lights will get the job done. By no means are they the most professional lights money can buy, but you can definitely pull off some professional shoots with this setup. We really enjoy bringing these lights with us because we can set them up in just minutes and they barely take up any space when packed up. The color from the lights are very easy to work with in post and you can be sure the set will be nicely lit. We were not paid to do a review on this product and we just wanted to give our honest opinions. If you would like to learn more about Spekular or purchase them, click here.