MWR: Reveal Shot

MWR: Reveal Shot

Reveal Shot

For this week, we went to a popular coffee shop in Tacoma, WA. We set up our tripod and Rhino Slider Evo to get a cinematic revealing shot. A reveal shot can engage your audience a bit more and make them feel like they are actually in that setting watching the event unfold. It is a common technique that many filmmaker use. A couple things to remember when doing a reveal shot:

  • Pull focus before recording the shot (subject should be in focus when revealed)
  • Don't reveal too quickly (you want to draw the viewer in first)

Check out in the video below to see what it looks like!

Behind The Scenes

Thanks for watching the second episode to our new series “Move with Rhino”. We want to help other filmmakers gain inspiration or give them tips on different types of shots. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly uploads and updates. Now let’s go film.