Pushing the Limits of Parallax with Joey Helms

Pushing the Limits of Parallax with Joey Helms

Our Objective: Matchframe Shots from Movies with the Actual Location

Dark Knight. Ferris Bueller. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. What do all of these movies have in common? Location. We went to Joey Helms's stomping grounds in Chicago, Illinois to create a unique set of shots by lining up screengrabs from these epic films, with their real-life environment. Watch how we used 2x Essential Slider Bundles to push parallax to new levels.

In this edition of our Move with Rhino series, Joey created a video showing how we were able to pull off these epic shots:

Catching up with joey helms

Joey is a talented Creator/YouTuber based out of Chicago, Illinois. Joey's YouTube Channel has seen explosive growth the last 9+ months as he's made content specifically around his journey entering the RED ecosystem with the RED Komodo. From filming in sub-zero temperatures to cinematic lighting techniques, his channel is worth checking out. He even did a great tutorial about using the Essentials Bundle for product videos:

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