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Rhino Arc II: Alternative to Your Fluid Head?

Great fluid heads are hard to come by and goods ones are pricey. You'd think using one is pretty straight forward. Wrong. It takes finessing to dial in the balance, learn where every function is, and time to perfect the art of starts/stops in a move.


That's why we built in Fluid View on Arc II. You can use Arc II by itself as an alternative to a fluid head. Are you going to be able to pull speedy whip pans? No. But, you'll be able to repeat moves, have controlled motion with eased in starts/stops, and even use manually with the built in joystick.

  1. Mount Rhino Arc II to your tripod, preferably one with an adjustable ball head for leveling
  2. For manual moves, enter "Fluid View" and set the joystick responsiveness to your preference (High, Medium, or Low)
  3. Use the main joystick to control your camera. The more you move the joystick, the faster the move will go
  4. For automated moves, enter "Video" mode and set A/B keyframes, move duration, looping (on/off), and fast focus (if you're using Rhino Focus as well)
  5. Start move and let Arc II do the work

Go out and get creative. Do long moves, short moves, comped moves—there's no limit to the possibilities.