Rhino Update - April 2019

Rhino Update - April 2019

Hey guys, welcome to this months' Rhino Update! Every month we review feedback from all of our customers in a meeting and make changes to our products, workflows, and policies. 

This short blog will fill you in on what we're up to and how your feedback is being implemented.  

  1. NAB - We were pretty busy in April getting ready for NAB. It was our first year having a booth and we split a big space with Gnarbox, Filmic Pro, and Luma Fusion. If you don't know who those brands are or what they do you should go check them out. Awesome people run those companies.

    Arc II was on display at NAB and we got some great feedback on it. We're hoping to retain how simple programming currently is on our EVO gear but add many more features and functionality without complicating things. Based on the feedback received, I think we hit a good mix. Videomaker even stopped by and awarded us Best Motion Control, which was a great surprise!

  2. Lightlapse - In February we launched a BETA for Lightlapse and had over 1000 people participate. Thank you for all of you that gave feedback and tested it out. We recently sent out a formal survey to see how your experience was and to get your feedback. Based on the results of both, we'll make some changes before we integrate it with our Arc II app. 

  3. How to get Lightlapse for free - If you own RŌV you can get Lightlapse for free. Once you connect to your camera, go to settings and "pair" with RŌV. Once paired, Lightlapse will unlock and the limitations are removed. In the future, we'll make this more clear in the app and product pages. 

  4. Rhino Time-Lapse - We're working on a time-lapse post processing Lightroom Plugin called Rhino Time-Lapse (rtl). It will deflicker and allow you to edit day to night time-lapses with an extremely simple process. We still have some work to do on it but stay tuned for its launch this Summer. 

  5. Smoother Arc II moves - If you watched our Kickstarter video, you'll notice that some of the multipoint moves aren't very smooth. That's because we didn't have any ramping in our code which created very robotic looking movement. We'll be testing some new code this week and will share some footage in next months' Update. What would you like to see? If you have some favorite moves you'd like to see demonstrated we'll try to capture them. 

That's all for this months' update. Please comment below if you have any questions or thoughts. Thanks!

Kyle & Rhino Team