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Storyteller Spotlight - Cursive Films

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cursive Films

Filmmaker: Jonathan Rothermel

We're pleased to feature Jonathan Rothermel from Cursive Films, for this week's Storyteller Spotlight. Most recently, Jonathan has been producing content for a organization called, Blood:Water, that works with African partners to end the HIV/AIDS crisis and solve water issues.

How did you get into filmmaking?

I started with nature photography to create my own reference materials for painting. Then, I got into photographing people with my first DSLR. I made my first music video with my little brother on a Fujifilm point-and-shoot. The Canon EOS Rebel cameras suddenly had affordable HD video that looked incredible, so I saved my pennies and bought one. It’s all been growth since then. In 2014, an older brother and I started filming weddings together. We continued that for several years until we founded our own company, Cursive Films, in 2018. The growth curve since that has been steep but very rewarding. We’ve had amazing opportunities to make films around the world for some great businesses and brands. And I just graduated college in December! We’re very excited to see where we go next.

What's your favorite Part of the Creative process?

I love the details. Perhaps sometimes a little too much. Even in focusing on the details, I need to remember to zoom out and think big picture on every project.

What advice would you give someone starting out?

Surround yourself with great artistic influence, learn your tools, and then create relentlessly. You’ll make a lot of garbage, but nearly every great artist had to get the garbage out of their system before they could make their greatest hits.

What's next? what are you excited about?

Apart from day-to-day work, I have a mini documentary in the works. It’s about touch so I’m going to have to wait to fundraise for it until after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides a little bit.