Vertical Slider Setup

Vertical Slider Setup

creating a vertical slider setup

Take your moves up a level... or down, with vertical slider moves. This setup can seem pretty intimidating but with a few key accessories it can be simple to setup. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Use super clamps to mount slider to a sturdy stand
  2. Connect Arc II with a ball head or a camera leveling plate
  3. Use the Rhino High Torque Motor 

Pro Tips

  • Mount the High Torque Motor on top
  • Ensure your belt drive is properly tensioned—if it's too loose it may slip
  • Use counter weight for rigs over 5 lb (applies to vertical moves only)
  • Ensure that your stand is strong enough to hold the system and is properly counter weighted
  • The High Torque Motor moves at slower speeds so plan your moves accordingly

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