What Type of Camera Gear Do I Need to Buy?

Getting above-average, professional shots that impress your viewers and clients takes above-average equipment. We trust you’ll have the best camera, smartphone, or other gadgets (like a DJI Osmo camera), but you need something more. 

Watching your best work, viewers probably wonder how you can get such amazing results from the same camera they have. Well, the secret for the best content creators is the other equipment supporting the camera.

Your other gear can make your results look professional. For example, a motorized slider can automatically pan your camera during an interview or while you’re capturing a time-lapse of a sunrise. The average photographer won’t be able to duplicate these effects.

What type of work are you doing? Do you want to make nature time-lapses, podcast interviews, or b-roll of nature? Here are several equipment options to help you with your gigs.

Shoot Interviews, Time-Lapses, and More with Motorized Sliders

Are you shooting interviews? Or creating time-lapse sequences? Our ROV motorized sliders can add precise, automated motion to your work. They can make you look like you have a crew of people helping you, even if you’re on your own. 

We create some of the best sliders out there. They can pan your camera smoothly across an interview subject while he or she is talking to you. This makes you look like a professional interviewer with a camera operator and other crew members. 

A slider can also move your camera incredibly slowly while it’s automatically taking a sequence of time-lapse images. Our Lightlapse app can do the work for you. Your time-lapse can speed up a process like a sunset while your camera slowly pans to the side, adding dynamic movement.

Depending on the types of gigs you’re working on, you might want to get our more portable 8” slider or get our 16” slider, which is capable of wider, more dramatic movements. 

Also, we offer an ROV Mobile slider that interfaces with your smartphone. But if you need the results of a full mirrorless or DSLR camera, you should go with the ROV Pro instead. 

If you’re taking larger professional shots, our EVO sliders and motion control products give you an even bigger range of motion. You can mount your camera on rails up to 42” long.

Get Amazing, Smooth Control with 4-Axis Motion

Use an automated 4-axis motion control device to get better shots and sequences than other content creators can. 

Our Arc II product, for example, can pan, tilt, and focus your camera for you. You can add it to a tripod or to Rhino’s best sliders. You can quickly set it to smoothly run through certain motions. You can also use Rhino Focus to flawlessly switch between different focus distances.

Imagine your camera smoothly panning left, right, up, and down—while getting the focus just right. You wouldn’t have to re-take shots as often or go through the frustration of asking an interviewee to repeat herself. Never waste or have to redo an entire time-lapse session, either.

The Arc II can help you create a demo reel that will look more professional. Practicing with it can get you ready for more difficult gigs, where you’ll use it to impress your clients.

To make it easier to get challenging shots, when you buy certain motion-control equipment, you’ll get access to a Rhino download of an intuitive app that will automate processes for you. 

Make a Rhino Routine

Add us to your routine to get the amazing videos and pictures you need. Whether you’re just starting out in this industry or you’ve been getting gigs for a while, Rhino gear can make your work stand out even more. 

Add our equipment to your routine and make it a habit to use it. More and more, you’ll capture the exact shots you want the first time. Shop for all our products on RhinoCameraGear.com