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June 06, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Finding Music

For your awesome video

Our Rhino team has shot a lot of videos. One problem we constantly run into is trying to find a good soundtrack for our video. Finding a great song for your project can be one of the hardest parts. You can't really finalize your edit without a soundtrack to base your edit off of. Some videos need a fast tempo, slow tempo, electronic beats, acoustics, etc. One thing to remember is that through CC, or creative commons, artists can share their music on these platforms and allow others to use them as well. CC is an additional license that is added on top of the original copyright so that artists can legally modify how their content can be shared. Often times, original copyright is very strict and does not allow for much wiggle room. In this article, we will be talking about our journey of finding royalty free music websites, which ones worked, which ones didn't, and the pros/cons of each. 

6. Audio Jungle

Starting with our least favorite, we started with a website a platform known as Audio Jungle. Audio Jungle is popular in the music sharing community and it is mainly a platform for artists to sell their music for a commission. The great thing about Audio Jungle is that songs are much cheaper than other sites and they are made by dedicated musicians. However, it is hard to find truly good songs and most of the songs are cheesy. We don't like cheesy music.



- Cheap 
- Platform for up and coming musicians



- Small selection of good music

5. Song Freedom

Next, is a website known as Song Freedom. There is a whole load of royalty free music websites but Song Freedom is great because they have pre-licensed mainstream music. So on their website, you can find songs you have heard or are currently on the radio. Many people like using Song Freedom because they have songs that are widely known and they can use them legally. Of course there are some regulations and limits per use, but for the most part, Song Freedom is user-friendly. If you are doing work for clients and they are requesting specific songs, Song Freedom may be a great place to check out. 



- Mainstream/popular songs
- Great for personal projects



- Lots of restrictions for commercial usage

- Expensive