Which RŌV Is For You

Which RŌV Is For You

How do you know which one is for you?

In this article, we breakdown the key differences between each RŌV model and length that we have. If you're unsure about which one will fit your workflow best, this ones for you.

Type of Slider

The first thing we need to consider is the type. We have two different models that are catered towards to separate creators.

RŌV Mobile

RŌV Mobile is mainly designed for people who love capturing all the moments in life. RŌV in general is quick and easy to use. If you already use your smartphone to capture videos and you just want to make the a little more professional or smooth looking, RŌV Mobile will be a great option. Another thing to consider is, do you plan on upgrading to a small mirrorless camera or DSLR in the future? If the your answer to that is yes, then you should think about the RŌV Pro instead.


Key Points to Consider


  • Black machined aluminum finish
  • No shutter release port
  • Intended for Mobile phone users
  • App controlled


RŌV Pro is designed for the semi-pro filmmaker or for anyone trying to take their videos to the next level. It also looks badass with the gunmetal finish. If you are thinking about getting your first gimbal, mirrorless camera, drone, etc, RŌV Pro will definitely help you tell better stories. However, if you are currently mainly using your mobile device for videography, but plan on upgrading to better equipment soon, RŌV Pro will be the best fit. Last but not least, if you want to capture time-lapses, RŌV Pro is the option for you.


Key Points to Consider


  • Gunmetal machined aluminum finish
  • Shutter release port (for time-lapsing)
  • Compatible with both smartphone AND small cameras
  • App controlled

Length of Slider

Now the second thing you need to decide is which length you will need. We have two different lengths, the Everyday and Traveler sizes.

Everyday Length

Everyday length gives you 8 inches of total slide. Now this may not seem like much at first, but depending on your needs, it can be more than enough. Do you travel often? If you plan on taking the slider with you when you travel or on flights, the everyday length will be ideal. Due to its small footprint and compact size, you will be able to put it in your backpack or luggage with ease. If you also don't put long lengthy clips in your videos, then 8 inches of slide will be enough because even at 8 inches, the finished clip will be a few seconds.


Key Points to Consider


  • Compact and portable
  • Made for the "run-n-gun" filmmaker
  • Perfect if you don't ever use long dragged out clips in your videos
  • Great when paired with other compact gear (like the dji mavic air)

Traveler Length

The Traveler length gives you 16 inches of total slide. We came out with this length to mainly serve the needs of those who plan on bringing this slider to more professional gigs where you will need long precise cinematic motion. If you shoot interviews or need dramatic push in shots, the traveler length is great. The extra length also comes in handy if you time-lapse often. Due to the extra inches, you will be able to capture more compelling time-lapses that show more of your location or subject. If you don't plan on traveling much and you already carry a decent amount of gear with you to each shoot, this will be a great piece of kit.


Key Points to Consider


  • Not ideal for travel (but still pretty darn slim for a motorized slider)
  • Made for more lengthy cinematic clips
  • Great for interview shoots
  • Better for time-lapsing

If you have any questions or you're still unsure about which type or length is for you, be sure to reach out to us at support@rhinocg.com