Why Rhino Slider EVO?

Why Rhino Slider EVO?

See why Rhino Slider is better

Improved workflow and better videos.

Rhino Slider EVO paired with Rhino Motion and Arc makes it one of the most capable pieces of film-making equipment on the market. Whether you have to shoot at several locations or shoot a single time-lapse for several hours, Rhino Slider EVO makes your job easier without compromising quality or smoothness. 

Hand pushing is a thing of the past.

Rhino Slider EVO paired with Rhino Motion is the ultimate combo when on shoots. You can be confident that you will get a perfectly smooth slide 100% of the time. With the integrated controller wheel, controlling your slider in real time at various speeds couldn't be easier.

Taking your time-lapses to the next level.

With the newly updated advanced time-lapse mode, you can set up the perfect time-lapse in just seconds. We want you to be able to focus more on the composition and less on worrying if it will come out the way you envisioned it. You can even control how long you want the time-lapse clip to be in post or how many shots your camera takes. Time-lapsing has never been more intuitive.

Making your interview shots stand out.

Everyone is familiar with the static interview shot. Due to Rhino Arc, you can achieve automatic tracking shots to make your videos stand out above the rest. Interviews become much more compelling and engaging when camera movement is incorporated. This feature is also great for sweet product shots.

Gear that doesn't weigh you down.

Rhino Slider EVO comes equipped with high quality lightweight carbon fiber rails. This means carrying your rig from shoot to shoot is a breeze. When paired with the perfect fitting Rhino Armor, you can be confident that your gear is well protected and easily accessible. Due to the design of the carrying case, you can leave your entire slider fully assembled and still securely strap it into the case.

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