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ARC II Firmware Updates

We're constantly updating firmware on Arc II based on your feedback from our Rhino Storytellers facebook group. Check out this page for the latest updates, what we're working on next, and how to update firmware.

latest firmware updates

Firmware Update 2.01
FW 2.01 - Dynamic Minimum Durations Download App to Update 2.01 Changelog Added in Dynamic Minimum Durations. This feature calculates...
Firmware Update 2.0
FW 2.0 - 5 Keyframes Download App to Update 2.0 Changelog Introduced the ability to set up to 5 keyframes...
Firmware Update 1.09
FW 1.09 - Overhaul in prep for 5 keyframes Download App to Update 1.09.00 Changelog Overhauled Menu navigation in preparation...
Firmware Update 1.08
FW 1.08 - Battery Indication + Sleep mode Download App to Update 1.08.00 Changelog Battery Indication - Battery level now...
Firmware Update 1.07
System Stability + Updated FEatureS 1.07.00 for Rhino Arc II is primarily a system stability update. It addresses battery charging...
Firmware Update 1.05
System Stability + Updated FEature 1.05.00 for Rhino Arc is primarily a system stability update. It has a new feature...
Firmware Update 1.04
 2 New Features + bug fixes 1.04 for Rhino Arc II adds two new features and includes many bug fixes....

what's next

  • 5 Keyframes
  • Saved Moves
  • Overhauled Motion Engine
  • Overhauled Time-Lapse code

How to update firmware