Filmmakers on set filming with a motorized camera slider Filmmakers on set filming with a motorized camera slider

Arc II

Automate your shots to save time and money on set.

15lb Load Capacity

4 Axis (Pan, Tilt, Focus, Slide)

Dual Joystick Controls

Set up to 5 Keyframes

iOS App Control

Insanely Quiet


Unleash your creativity and capture shots that are impossible to get with other tools.
Setup and Film faster

Your time is money. That's why we created the Arc II System to be quick to setup and intuitive to use so you can focus capturing your shot. Use the integrated joysticks or the iOS app to control Arc II.

your Interviews

Add dynamic, looping movement to your interview shots. Arc II makes it easy to run a set with a single operator if needed.

Trusted by the pros

Product Shots made easy

Quickly create promotional product videos with precision and ease.
Replace your fluid head

Save time and weight by using Rhino Arc II as your fluid head in Fluid View mode.

Film yourself

Arc II automatically keeps you in the frame so you can create content even when you're filming by yourself.
Control Remotely

When you're filming in tight spaces use the iOS app to remotely control Arc II.

A filmmaker using a phone to control his camera slider

Capture epic Time-Lapses

Arc II is capable of vertical shots with the High Torque Motor and triggers your camera's shutter for flawless time-lapses.

Step up your content


- Arc II
- Charger & international adapters (US, UK, EU)
- Quick start guide
- Quick release plate (includes 1/4-20" and 3/8" camera mounting screws)
- Mounting tool (can be used as a bottle opener too!)

15 pounds (6.8 kg) up to 45°, 5 lbs (2.3 kg) at 90°

5 lbs 11oz

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Camera Slider in carrying case
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5 ways to pay off your gear

Customer tesimonials

I’m continually blown away at fun it is to use these tools from Rhino on my music video and documentary shoots. I work mainly as a one-man crew and the Arc II has given me the ability to essentially travel with a second camera-operator when I’m shootings documentary. A complete game-changer. And the people at Rhino are just as remarkable. They genuinely care about independent filmmakers and are just a joy to collaborate with. I wish I had STARTED with Rhino tools 5 years ago, but I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge!

Matt Alber

Rhino Arc II has simply enabled me to had dynamic movement to my timelapses shots. The whole process is dramatically changed and my quality of work has gone up 5x

Zeke Silva

I LOVE MY RHINO GEAR! I've owned nearly everything, from the first kickstarter, to the Rhino Rig, and now the new Rhino ARC II setup. Everything you come out with, is a gamechanger - it's helped my business immensely. Not only has it allowed me to increase my production value, but the gear lasts, works when I need it to work, and makes my films look amazing. Customer service is always on par, if I have any questions or issues too!

Ning Wong

Rhino is a true customer oriented company. I knew the solutions were top-tier, but the customer service has proven to be impeccable. They care about customers first.

Grant Reynolds

I moved to Rhino from Edelkrone as I could not rely on the system professionally. With the Rhino I have the confidence that the unit will work every time I use it. It is also a bazillion times quicker to use and love the fact that software updates are issued to the arc ii that increase its capabilities, i look forward to more in the future. Also their customer service is probably one of the best out of any company ive dealt with. They really make it hassle free.

Tom Rothery