ARC V2  bundles

Base kit

Ultimate Kit





- Rhino Slider Carbon 24"

- Rhino Arc V2

- Slider Motor - High Speed

- Soft Shell Carrying Case 24"

- Rhino Slider Pro 42"

- Rhino Arc V2

- Rhino Focus

- Slider Motor - High Torque

- Slider Motor - High Speed

- Carbon 24" Rails

- Hard Shell Case

Who it's for

Run and gun filmmaker. The 24" Carbon rails are lightweight and mobile. The whole kit stows away in the included soft shell case fully assembled for quick setup.

Versatile bundle for all filmmakers. Can carry the heaviest of cameras in studio environments or adapt to run and gun sets. Able to do quick setups or vertical shots as well as dynamic focus pulls. 

Bundle Weight

13.8 lbs

26.75 lbs (Soft Shell)

36.25 lbs (Hard Shell

Max Motor Speed

5" per second (High Speed Motor)

5" per second (High Speed Motor) 

1" per second (High Torque Motor)

Travel Distance


35.75" (42" Rails)

17.75" (24" Rails)

SLIDER Load Capacity

20 lbs


Pan/Tilt Load Capacity

15 lbs

15 lbs

Horizontal Load Capacity

15 lbs

15 lbs

20° Incline Load CapacitY

5lbs (High Speed Motor)

5lbs (High Speed Motor)

15lbs (High Torque Motor)

Vertical Load Capacity 


5lbs (High Torque Motor)