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How the Rhino System works

Bundled systems start at $850

The Rhino System is our brand new motion control offering that allows you to capture video and time-lapse like never before. With up to 4-axis of movement you’re able to automate even the most difficult camera moves. In order to easily understand how it all works together, we’ve broken it up into three main sections: Rhino Arc II, Rhino Slider, and Accessories.

Arc II is the core of the brand new Rhino System. It's a two-axis, motorized pan/tilt head that can hold up to 15lbs. It is stand-alone so you can use it without a slider to create precision pan/tilt moves or automatically track you if you're filming yourself. Arc II can also be used to power up to two other optional axis. Add Rhino Focus to precisely keyframe your focus in video moves or time-lapses. Mount it to a Rhino Slider and add a Motor to achieve precise, repeatable slider shots. The High Torque Motor enables you carry up to a 5lb camera on incline or vertical moves so you can mimic jib-like shots. The most simple version of the system is a non-motorized setup that uses Flyweel to achieve to insanely smooth slides without a motor. 

Below is a detailed description of all of the modular components you can use to build out your next kit.

Rhino Arc II

This year, we introduced Arc II, our brand new motorized pan/tilt head. You can use it stand-alone to replace your fluid head or mount it to a Rhino Slider to motorize your movement. It holds up to 15lbs so cinema cameras like the FS7, C300 and RED are finally welcomed.

The internal battery lasts up to 6 hours and is controlled via the dual integrated joysticks or by using the iOS app. You can create a repeatable move with keyframes or choose to control it in real time with the Remote mode on the app. Arc II is perfect if you film: Interviews, B-roll, or Time-lapse.

 Note: As of now, Arc II is the only way to motorize your Rhino Slider (the old EVO line has been discontinued).

Rhino Slider

The Rhino Slider is the heart of the Rhino System and was completely redesigned for this year. Rather than having a single expanding rail that tends to "rainbow", we offer 2 different lengths (24" and 42") and materials (Carbon fiber & Stainless steel) to ensure ultimate stability no matter what you're filming on.

You’re probably asking the question: Which slider should I buy? It all depends on what you’re filming. The great thing about Rhino Sliders is that the rails are interchangeable. We have many customers that choose the 42” Pro rails for their heavy interview setup and then purchase 24” Carbon Rails to swap to when they’re on their run-and-gun setup. Both of these rails are included in our popular Ultimate Slider Bundle. Our basic guideline is this: if your camera setup is over 15lbs, go with the Pro. If it’s under 15lbs or if you’re capturing time-lapse, go with Carbon. Carbon is much lighter but Pro can handle super heavy setups.  

24" Carbon

  • Load Capacity: 20lbs
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Recommended use: All-round filming. B-roll, Interviews, Time-lapse, Vlogging

42" Carbon

  • Load Capacity: 15lbs
  • Weight: 5lbs 6oz
  • Recommended use: Time-lapse, Interviews

42" Pro

  • Load Capacity: 30lbs
  • Weight: 11lbs 4oz
  • Recommended use: Interviews

New Rhino Slider Features
Tripod Quick Mount Plates

Mounting your slider to a tripod is a cumbersome, unwieldy process. We redesigned the tripod plates on the new Rhino Slider to allow you to mount your slider more quickly without having to spin it on to your tripod.

3x more rigid

The 42" variants of the Rhino Slider have two extra Tripod Quick Mount Plates that increase torsional rigidity by 300% as well as making it infinitely easier to mount to two tripods.

High Torque Motor ready

The new Rhino Slider is designed for carrying heavy loads. With the new option of the High Torque Motor, we beefed up the belt drive system to handle the added pressure vertical payloads put on the drive shaft. 

Motion Control Accessories

Arc II and Rhino Slider are the core of the Rhino System. There are a handful of accessories that will take your filming and workflow to the next level. Let's explore them below.

Linear Motor

If you’re using Arc II with a Rhino Slider, you’ll need a linear motor which plugs into Arc II and mounts to the end of your slider. You can choose from the High Speed Motor which moves up to 5”/second or the High Torque Motor (designed for angled/vertical motion) which moves up to 1”/second. The Ultimate Slider Bundle includes both motors if you can’t make up your mind 🙂 

Rhino Focus

If you’ve ever used a slider with shallow depth of field you know that pulling focus is a pain. Rhino Focus is an accessory that plugs in to Arc II and allows you to keyframe your focus. Imaging being able to keyframe your focus during a time-lapse or when doing a push-in with super shallow depth of field? 

Rhino Power

This is a brand new feature unique to Arc II. Using a Rhino Power Adapter you can power your camera from Arc II. If you’ve ever had to switch batteries in the middle of an interview or have your camera die during a time-lapse, you’ll love this accessory. Simply plug it into your camera and into Arc II and only have to think about charging one thing: Arc II.

 Note: When you’re doing angled or vertical moves you’ll need our Leveling Plate (coming soon) which levels Arc II on inclines. With the High Torque motor, you’re able to use up to a 5lb camera setup on vertical moves.

Other Accessories

Carrying Cases

With the new Rhino System, we introduced a new Hard Shell Carrying Case designed for airline travel. It has foam cutouts for a 42” Slider or rails, 24” Slider or rails, Arc II, both motors, Focus, and has four large zippered pockets for extra gear and cables. It’s included in our Ultimate Slider Bundle to ensure all of your gear is protected and stays together. 

Shutter Release Cable

If you want to capture time-lapses on Arc II, you’ll need a shutter release cable. This plugs into your camera and into Arc II which triggers your camera’s exposure during a time-lapse. It only takes pictures when the motors aren’t moving to make sure you don’t get any motion blur.   

Rhino Flywheel

If you’re interested is smoother motion without a motor, check out the Flywheel. It’s an affordable accessory that makes your Rhino Slider movement insanely smooth. If you want to learn about all of the features and details of Arc II click on the link below. 

Interchangeable Rails

As we mentioned above, the rails on Rhino Slider are interchangeable so you can swap out your 42” rails for 24” rails when your shot changes. It only takes about 3 minutes and adds a ton of value to the system. Click on the link below to learn more.