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How to Choose a Tripod

How to Choose a Tripod

Why do you need a tripod? 

Many of you might be wondering why you need a tripod with your slider system. While there are many reasons why filmmakers and photographers use a tripod, one of the biggest reasons why tripods are used is to bring a slider up off the ground. In other words, when you need a little more height to get that sweet shot, you will need a tripod for that extra lift. A great feature about tripods is that they are fully adjustable in height and many of them have a built in ball heads that allow you to adjust the leveling as well. But there are so many brands and models, which one is right for you? Before we dive into the different types of sliders, we want to mention that Manfrotto makes great gear and we are a huge fan of their products. They do not pay us to promote their gear. We just love it. Our team here at Rhino Camera Gear believe that “the best gear is the gear you always bring with you.” So let’s get started. First, check out the video showing the different types of tripods.

Types of Tripods

Manfrotto MT190X3

Lightweight Aluminum with flat mount


- Lightweight

- Great for beginners

- Price


- No ball head

- Need to adjust each leg to level out

- Load capacity

Manfrotto 755cx3

Lightweight CF with 50mm built in ball


- Ultra lightweight

- Built in ball head

- Great for angled shots

- Easy to level


- Price

- Load capacity

Manfrotto MVT535AQ

Heavy Duty with 75mm built in ball


- Heavy duty

- Higher load capacity

- Built in ball head


- Heavy

- Not good for traveling

Manfrotto 546B

Heavy Duty with Spreader


- Durable

- Built in ball head

- Spreader

- Great for heavy video setups


- Super heavy

- Inconvenient

- Long setup time

Manfrotto Befree

Ultra lightweight for double side mounting


- Built in ball mount

- Price

- Compact and small

- Great for traveling or backpacking


- Extremely low load capacity

Rhino Slider Evo Manfrotto

Which one is best with Rhino Slider Evo?

Find out below.

So which one should you buy?

Our favorite tripod is...

Our team here at Rhino uses the Manfrotto 755CX3 Magfiber one the most. We love this tripod because it is super lightweight and easy to pack. Setup time is quick and easy. We are all about an efficient workflow here at Rhino and the 755CX3 definitely plays a huge role. 


If you want to know which gear we used to shoot this video and most of our films, we have provided the links below. Just remember, that aside from all the gear, the most important part of filming is the story. Good luck!

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