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Episode 30

When Should You Use a Slider?

In this week's episode of Move with Rhino, we answer this exact question. We give our most common scenarios when using Rhino Slider EVO. A slider is a great tool to have with you on shoots. It can create a more dynamic scene and keep your viewer more engaged in the video. Watch the video below to see our 4 scenarios/reason for using a slider.

Behind The Scenes

Thanks for watching the latest episode to our series “Move with Rhino”. We want to help other filmmakers gain inspiration or give them tips on different types of shots. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly uploads and updates. Now let’s go film.

Anthem Coffee Rhino Tacoma

Build Your Own Slider

We know that everyone has their own needs and wants when it comes to film-making gear. We wanted to give you the opportunity to build your very own slider from the ground up.